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One of the more complex and responsible tasks of being an editor is keeping the interest of the constant stream of interns who spend a short time with us.

Whilst abilities and ages vary, (sixth form students through to MA-graduates) their knowledge of how to use words is an interesting and infinite source of surprise. Finding ways to encourage and increase respect for the ‘word’ and the value words bring to their work can be rewarding.

The internet has done much to deter and suppress good writing styles. Words and their meaning are neglected or misused daily through lack of orthography, abbreviation and deviation. In spite of the Internet being a vital research and information platform, if we are not careful it will decimate the beauty of our language and erode the imagination and writing skills of younger generations.

Too much information is being digested too swiftly. Email plays its part along with Social media fostering a lack of respect for our language and obstructing the desire to seek out better alternatives.

Good writing skills and journalism originates from the knowledge of words, and how to use them. So much of what we read is not written in a clear/comprehensive format. Good quality journalism, lessons on the importance and use of words have never been more important.

The London Word Academy: What does this do?

The London Word Academy provides ‘work experience’ for the professional delivery of the Written Word. We act as curators and career smiths to ‘writers of tomorrow’, introducing applicants to professional situations where words are required to communicate significant messages and meanings to multiple fields, facilities and services. These are managed according to applicants’ requirements, levels of experience and ability.

Interns are introduced to ‘hands on’ writing tasks, front line journalism, and key office administration and business skills. Participants visit top London venues shadowing seasoned journalists, business development leaders and writers. Writing structure and development, letter writing, news article formation and structure, interviews, features, the art of research, innovation and exploration are just some of the subjects included.

A carefully crafted letter or message, showing respect for the written word,relevance of content, and keenness to alert the recipient to the author’s message, can transform a student’s future life and circumstances. Applicants leave with a strong portfolio of work and an understanding of the work place and how to communicate more effectively.


The London Word Academy is dedicated to the written word. It is our mission to assist young people to research, formulate and express themselves with words to the best of their ability and to help them transform their lives and the world we live in.

We need your help to build what we have started and support this Investors in Young People Programme and help them find and reach their goals. There is a vast gap in the market from education to the work place. With the growth of the internet and fake news and the demise of quality print journalism there has never been a more important time in to support the importance, quality and impact of good writing. With the growth of the internet and fake news and the demise of quality print journalism there has never been a more important time to support good writing.

Words transform lives, careers, goals and contribute to the future of our global DNA. They can shape the way we treat one another and our shared planet. If you believe in the written word and print and how important
it is for young people to write well, PLEASE support the
LONDON WORD ACADEMY with a donation or
subscription. You will be supporting some of tomorrows’ most brilliant writers and giving them a platform to be heard.

Please ring for more information or visit us at our offices.

email: editor@kcwlondon.co.uk. 07903 655 331.

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