BBC Local News Partnership

The stories posted here are sourced the BBC Local News Partnership. The Local News Partnership is a unique entity in journalism, having no equivalent in the UK or the wider world. Founded in 2017 in a joint initiative between the BBC and the New Media Association (which represents the majority of the UK’s regional press) the partnership entitles selected media organisations to the free and unrestricted usage of the Local Democratic Reporting Service, The NewsHub and the Shared Data Unit. At the time of writing there are only 100 media organisations who have qualified for access, in the BBC’s own words: “To be awarded the democracy reporter contracts, the successful news organisations had to pass stringent criteria which included financial standing and a strong track record of relevant journalism in the area they were applying to cover. The award decisions were made by senior editorial BBC figures.” KCW London is one of only a few independent media organisations who managed to pass the exacting conditions to join, based on the quality of our years of work and the reputation we had built up over that time.