An Abstract Sense Of Life  – Afshin Naghouni- exhibition 21 May – 30 June

An Abstract Sense Of Life – Afshin Naghouni- exhibition 21 May – 30 June


Born in Iran in 1969, Afshin Naghouni (Ash) immigrated to the United Kingdom in 1997 and lives in London where he works as a visual artist.
Considered a child prodigy he started his oil painting training at the age of nine and won a number of regional and national painting competitions by the time he was twelve years old.

Naghouni has exhibited widely in the UK and internationally.
Education: Post Graduate, London Metropolitan University, Sir John Cass Department of Art Media and Design.

“My paintings and in a way even my nudes reflect and question the social-political landscape of our world. I thrive on impregnating the viewer’s mind and understanding to go ahead and try connecting with the work through experiencing aesthetic qualities beyond the apparent naked form, or to continually reminding them that there is a darker more sinister concept embedded within images which at first glance seem harmless, aesthetically pleasing and even beautiful. To challenge them to discern how deeply into the work they would care to travel.”
Afshin Naghouni

“In his new body of artwork, I see Afshin Naghouni is unusually jewel-like with his choice palette of cherry-picked colours. Vivid multihued veils of paint offer ever-more interesting Abstract(ed) zones, that lie in between broadly sanguine, elaborately raffish and viscerally gutsy brushstrokes. Understanding engagement of the physical frame supports emotional empathy whilst embracing intellectual identity; feeling the Conceptual tease of painted flesh from the mortal body to Abstract art, as self-portraiture, too.”
Estelle Lovatt, FRSA

The exhibition An Abstract Sense Of Life
21 May – 30 June 2021

HJ Art Gallery & Antiques
48-50 Kensington Church St, London W8 4DG
Phone: 020 793 77711

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