BBC to launch Bitesize learning zone; three hours of  daily content to catch up on learning

BBC to launch Bitesize learning zone; three hours of daily content to catch up on learning


The BBC will continue its commitment to supporting children’s educational needs, including those with limited access to the internet, as it vows to bring new educational programming to TV to help catch-up.

Sitting on the CBBC channel for 3 hours each school day, the Bitesize Learning Zone will deliver brand new episodes of Bitesize Daily, the popular curriculum-based TV programme for Primary school children from June until the end of the school year. These shows will again be split into age groups 5-7 years old, 7-9 years old and 9-11 years old and will be designed for teachers to use as broadcast in the classrooms, or for use at home on BBC iPlayer for parents who want to help children catch up.

Launching in April, the Bitesize Learning Zone will firstly draw on a rich archive of content from BBC Education, CBBC and the BBC Natural History Unit before the new shows start in May. This archive content will include Teacher Talks films which are short videos that see teachers explaining core concepts around maths and English, live lessons and edutainment shows from CBBC such as Top Class, Horrible Histories, Art Ninja and Operation Ouch. All tied together by the familiar CBBC presenters who will also be offering top tips for well-being.

Over the first six weeks (commencing April 19), the Bitesize Learning Zone will have a weekly theme that teachers can use alongside their lessons. The themes include animals, science, wellbeing and creativity.

From June 7, Bitesize Learning Zone welcomes new episodes of Bitesize Daily Primary focusing on maths and English, offering primary school children detailed catch-up lessons in these subjects. The episodes will again include lessons from teachers and will also see a dedicated well-being day, designed to encourage good mental and physical health.

Patricia Hidalgo, Director of BBC Children’s and Education said: “Over the last year, we have seen millions turn to BBC Bitesize for home-schooling and now the schools are open again, we want to continuing supporting teachers and parents. Bitesize Learning Zone on CBBC will offer 3 hours of curriculum-based programming full of fun to help kids learn and catch up on their education.”

Alongside the TV offering there will continue to be a wealth of support online. Bitesize will continue to produce This Term’s Topics for years 1-9 along with structured Primary lessons in Maths and English that match the topics being taught in schools.

Episodes of Bitesize Daily Secondary will continue to be available on BBC iPlayer and for years 10 and 11, the direct to learner offer will continue on Bitesize online.

Image: Thomas Park

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