Mayor of London pledges laptops to help vulnerable stay connected in lockdown

Mayor of London pledges laptops to help vulnerable stay connected in lockdown


GLA agrees partnership with SocialBox.Biz, a social enterprise which aims to eradicate digital exclusion in the Capital

The Greater London Authority (GLA) is giving away its old technology to a social enterprise, in a bid to help the vulnerable stay connected over the winter lockdown.

The partnership between the GLA and SocialBox.Biz will see an initial 400 items of technology distributed to charities working with London’s elderly, homeless and refugees.

SocialBox.Biz has agreed to securely wipe the data from the old laptops and computers, add open-source software, and distribute them to those in need through their charity partners, which include Age UK London and the Single Homeless Project.

SocialBox.Biz was founded by tech expert Peter Paduh, who came to the UK from the Balkans as a refugee in 1993. Paduh pinpoints a turning point in his life to the moment he received a free computer soon after he arrived. He then went on to study computing at university, founding SocialBox.Biz in 2014.

The social enterprise has worked with charities to hand over more than 1,000 laptops since it began its Laptops for the Homeless and Vulnerable Initiative. Other charity partners include Centrepoint, C4WS Homeless project, the British Red Cross, Routes, Centre 404, The Passage and Housing Justice.

SocialBox.Biz is currently looking for new organisations to partner with. More information can be found at

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