The Friends of Chelsea Community Hospital School

The Friends of Chelsea Community Hospital School


The Friends of Chelsea Community Hospital School need your help to ensure that Chelsea Community Hospital School is able to continue to provide Outstanding ‘hybrid’ Education for chronically ill children during the Covid-19 pandemic at our 8 hospital school sites across London. 

Hybrid Hospital Learning during Covid-19
The impact of being exposed to Covid-19 on already chronically sick children can be catastrophic. It is therefore essential that we keep this highly vulnerable cohort of children and young people as safe as possible whilst maintaining and progressing their education. To do this we have been adopting a hybrid learning approach (face to face and online learning) in our classrooms using a variety of online apps and internet-enabled devices to facilitate Anytime, Anywhere Learning during the Covid-19 lockdown. This has proven to be very successful and we have managed to keep our pupils, from across our different sites, motivated, engaged, following the National Curriculum, learning and having fun!

How to reach more children?
We now need to urgently extend this capability by purchasing additional laptops to provide learning opportunities across our multiple hospital sites enabling those ward-based pupils, and pupils self-isolating at home, who cannot access school, to participate and collaborate in lessons with their peers and teachers and not be left behind. We also have a need to equip our brand new hospital school premises with hardware and networking capability (we had to vacate our previous school site due to Covid-19 restrictions) and be alert for a potential second wave of Coronavirus which would necessitate further isolation and a return to greater use of online learning.

Please spread the word and help us!
Our Crowdfunding bid with the Aviva Community Fund is to help purchase additional laptops, iPads and internet connectivity to urgently extend learning opportunities for hospitalised and clinically vulnerable patients at our new school site in Bayswater and across our multiple hospital school sites in London (e.g. Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, St. Marys Hospital, Brompton Hospital, Portland Hospital, Collingham Gardens and the Lavender Walk mental health unit)

We need all the help you can give to make this happen, so please donate and use your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)  to share our story with your friends, family and colleagues. Every penny counts, so please help ensure that this group of medically vulnerable children and young people receive the necessary educational support they so richly deserve.  

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