London takes the lead for tech students

London takes the lead for tech students


London has been ranked as the top city in the world to be a tech student outside the US. That’s according to Business Fibre which looked at ‘30 of the world’s greatest tech cities’ and measured them against a set criteria including research spending and total tech/STEM employees and employers.  

Most of the top ten were European cities with Berlin coming in at number two. Next up is Jerusalem at number three, Bern in fourth, and Seoul in fifth. They are followed by Stockholm, Paris, Canberra, Rome, and Tokyo. Vienna, Helsinki, Ankara, Madrid, and Brussels just missed out on a top ten spot.

Imperial College, which is ranked seventh overall, was ranked as the highest place to study engineering, followed by Germany’s Technical University of Munich.

Technology is one of the fastest growing and most profitable industries in the world and so it is important to know where the best place to study it is, as well as which city is doing the most to fund it. The research clearly shows that despite UK universities dropping in overall rankings, London is the best place to study tech, along with Berlin and Jerusalem.

The rankings also looked into cost and in this respect it’s Seoul National University which offers a great education with a lower living cost. It is also highly ranked among global universities.

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