London Design Festival 2020

London Design Festival 2020


London Design Festival has now commenced for the 18th year in a row. Though unlike previous years, many of the events and discussions are being held virtually. The festival takes place from 12-20 September, while some of the exhibits will continue into the new year including the annual landmark project. 

The annual landmark project of this year’s Design Festival is The Hothouse located at International Quarter London. The exhibit will run from 21/09/2020 to 31/12/2021. The Hothouse is an installation created by Studio Weave, which provides a controlled habitat for plants that would usually not be able to grow in the United Kingdom. The plants inside include avocado, guava, lemon, sugarcane, oranges, as well as many others. The purpose of this exhibition is to highlight rapid climate change. Scientists believe that these typically ‘tropical’ plants will be able to grow outside in the UK by 2050.

Though the installation touches on the danger of climate change, it also intends to celebrate the resilience of human and plant adaptability, as well as the ability to form a safe environment to grow international vegetation. The exhibit will grow the plants throughout the seasons, having full control of the climate inside.

All the discussions from key innovative designers will be available to view after the festival ends.

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