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Our recent rebranding to KCW London and transition from free to fee-paying title are preparations for our forthcoming 10th anniversary and 100th edition of the paper in December this year.

As London steps forward into its recovery, we announce the latest reopenings of museums, restaurants, garden centres and hotels along with guidelines and daily updates. Participate, learn or observe with our virtual listings from around the world. Step into your favourite opera, film, theatre. Study books, archives, ancient history, recipes, languages. Visit multiple auction houses offering objects and masterpieces from a vast range of genres and subjects; decorative and tribal art, maritime history, classic cars; offerings from early civilisation to the contemporary and futuristic.

In support of the future, our social media platforms are receiving digital cosmetic surgery to improve visibility, content and accessibility. Our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are releasing daily news, reviews and events from across the London boroughs and overseas. We will aspire to incite curiosity and deliver intelligent and unbiased news to you.

We aim to be passionate and accurate, delivering excellent journalism to support much needed changes to our society and planet. So please do send us your news, photos, and press releases. From current affairs to education, architecture, environment, health, dining out, chess, walking, fishing, and the latest inventions, all topics are welcome. We need your support and invite our readers and media partners to share our platforms. Click the buttons below to follow.


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