When your children can’t be in school

When your children can’t be in school


The new LIL Online programme starting this autumn allows homeschooled students and those unable to attend school in person to pursue a complete, structured curriculum live and online.

Do you have a child or children unwilling or unable to attend school in person? Perhaps you live far away from London and are seeking a quality international education not available nearby. Maybe you’re moving between global work assignments, or have chosen homeschooling. Whatever the reason, the new LIL Online programme from Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill offers a way to attend school remotely that is as rigorous and engaging as being physically present.

Following an exceptionally successful experience with distance learning during the spring 2020 COVID-19 situation, the Lycée now features an online-only programme for homeschooled students and those who can’t come to campus. The comprehensive bilingual curriculum, offered by videoconferencing and live online classes, is specifically designed for students and families seeking a more structured and communal learning experience from home. It’s also a boon to families transitioning between countries, who can now be a part of the Lycée Churchill community before or after they live in London.

Located on a leafy 5-acre campus in Wembley, Lycée Churchill is an independent, co-ed school offering a full French-English bilingual education to 800 pupils aged 3 to 18. In the Secondary section, families can choose either a bilingual French programme fully accredited by the French Ministry of Education that leads to the baccalauréat examinations, or an English-oriented track blending the French and English educational models and leading to the globally-recognised International Baccalaureate Diploma.

The school was rated “Outstanding” for Sixth Form and for personal development, behaviour, and welfare by Ofsted in 2019. It is characterised by diversity, with teachers and staff of 29 different nationalities, and is built on a modern educational ethos that blends traditional disciplines with initiative, exploration, critical thinking, teamwork, and individual development.

The success of the school’s ongoing education and pastoral care during the pandemic demonstrated the agility and resourcefulness of its expert teaching staff, the power of its technological foundation, and its smart embrace of digital culture. Parents and students appreciated the structured school day and engaging virtual lessons, the lively and collaborative environment, the continued social connections among students, and the individual attention the Lycée was able to offer remotely.

It was from this experiment that LIL Online was born. Remote students will get the chance to join the school’s vibrant and international community at any time during the year, becoming part of interactive classrooms “in the cloud”, making new friends, and enjoying the virtual presence of classmates and teachers. For those who can’t attend school in person, it’s the closest thing to being there. The programme is initially available to students aged 11 (Year 7 or 6ème) and above. The fees are the same as for existing levels and programmes, minus the cost of school lunches.

For families who have chosen homeschooling, LIL Online offers an enhanced educational experience where instruction is enlivened by highly trained and emotionally supportive teachers and staff following rigorous international standards. Equally important, the programme includes vital services and other components of school life that are difficult to replicate at home: extensive wellbeing support, career and university counseling, social interaction, and a deep sense of community and shared experience — even including online school assemblies, birthday parties, and events for parents.

What does a day at LIL Online look like? Students start classes at 8:30 am sharp and remain engaged until the mid-afternoon, with breaks and a lunch hour. The classes are taught interactively over a web video connection, though students are also assigned homework and other autonomous activities. The timetable and structure reinforce a sense of engagement and participation, as well as providing crucial discipline in the homeschooled environment.

Your child is no longer left alone to fill out workbooks or to communicate with distant teachers via email; rather, he or she belongs to a close-knit group of students learning together and taking their place as young citizens of the 21st century. The programme gives students full access to the school’s state-of-the-art “web library”, where they can access rich online resources including France’s Gallica and the English- language OverDrive ebook and audiobook collection. LIL Online also affords students the chance to expand their horizons through tutoring and specialist classes in fields such as philosophy, maths, physics, computer coding, and modern and classic languages, including Chinese. This is truly the education of the future.

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