Our favourite meditation podcasts

Our favourite meditation podcasts


Our stress levels have spiked during lockdown. Spending lots of time indoors, missing family and friends; those coping well are the exception, rather than the rule. Wellbeing brand Healthspan found that 20-somethings now feel anxious for an hour and 45 minutes each day, an increase of 23 minutes. Even more concerning is that over-60s have seen this figure almost double. 

So, what can we do about it? The practice of meditating to relieve stress is now widely extolled. But forming new habits can be daunting. Whether you are new to meditation or fancy some inspiration, we’ve selected our favourite podcasts to help you along the way. 

1) Ten Percent Happier 

For those not sure whether meditation is for them, we recommend this podcast by veteran news reporter Dan Harris. Originally a sceptic, Harris shares his story while breaking down the scientific benefits of meditation in this must-listen weekly show. 

2) Peace Out podcast 

Our top pick for children, each Peace Out podcast features a short story which guides kids through breathing and visualising exercises. A wonderful use of storytelling and particularly helpful before bed time. 

3) Liberate App 

Created specially to support and empower people of colour, the app includes chats that address issues such as racism and microaggressions, as well as meditation practices ranging from five to twenty-minute sessions. 

4) Meditation Minis 

For those suffering with anxiety or depression, attempting to schedule in a block of time each day can become stressful. Mediation Minis with Cher Hamilton offers sessions of ten minutes or less, perfect for all levels who prefer their meditation in short bursts.  

All podcasts are available through Spotify. Go to www.spotify.co.uk or use the app to search. 


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