Car Games To Pass The Time

Car Games To Pass The Time


If you’ve found yourself stuck at home this month because of a certain outbreak then fret not. There are plenty of games to keep any car lover entertained.

Gran Turismo & Forza

These two titles are among the best of the best driving and racing simulators out there. With a range of real cars and tracks (as well as a few fictional circuits) to choose from, these games offer realistic physics, allowing you to hone your skills and learn the best racing line in each track. The games also offer a career mode where you work your way up to becoming a world class racer. Both games have spawned a series and any title in either is worth it.


Camshaft’s ‘Automation’ is a little different from the two above. Instead of driving and racing, this game invites you to explore another part of the automotive process. In it you are the tycoon of your own car company, designing and developing a model range to take on the best. You choose the type of body and then develop its engine. Play with the valve timing and RPM redline blowing up many prototype engines along the way. You can even see how fast the car will go around a track that bears a resemblance to one you might recognise.

Euro/American Truck Simulator

Spare a thought for the lorry drivers all over the world. As they say, if you bought it, a truck brought it. If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to drive an LGV across continents, this realistic simulator will allow you to do just that. Carefully back the cab into the trailer before going out on the road across great distances to bring important freight to its destination. The first choice you have to make is which version of the game you want, Euro or American. Or, in other words, which Georgia you’d prefer to drive through!

Need for Madness

Visit to download this game for free. The animation is simple, something out of the early 90s, but the premise is unique. It’s a racing game with tracks and the like, but with a twist. You can either win the race the old-fashioned way, or you can turn your attention to the other cars. Instead of trying to go faster than them, why not ram their cars until they can no longer race? Maybe someday the rules for Formula 1 could take inspiration from it.

Traffic Racer

Unlike the others which need either a console or a gaming PC, this is a free mobile app. The premise couldn’t be simpler. Drive like you never thought you ever would. Your car is racing through traffic. Earn points for fast overtakes, driving on the wrong side, and maintaining high speeds for long times. Starting off with a Chevy S10 Pickup, collect points to unlock faster cars.

This list barely scratches the surface of the many games and apps out there that can help make your self-isolation a little more fun.

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