What’s in your cupboard?

What’s in your cupboard?


Have you ever wondered if your little treasures, sitting in the back of your cupboard or drawer, or kept in a box in the loft, are actually a real treasure?

In November 2019, a vase bought for £1 in a charity shop was sold by Sworders Fine Art Auctioneers for £484,000 (inc bp). Not knowing what they had, the owner of the 19cm vase had put it on eBay, however, after they were inundated with messages they withdrew it and took it to Sworders to find out what they had. Sworders head of Asian Art, Yexue Li, identified it as Chinese Imperial, made for the Qianlong Emperor who reigned from 1735 to 1796, a significantly important vase inscribed with an imperial poem and the Emperor’s own mark.

Sworders London Gallery, based in Cecil Court close to Leicester Square tube station, is open Monday to Friday and has a team of valuers regularly on hand to value all of your items, from ceramics to pictures, jewellery to sculpture and more.

Head of Sworders London Gallery Stephen Giles said ‘We are always looking to find something wonderful and unusual in people’s collections, we get a thrill identifying these and watching them go through the auction, in some cases achieving prices that truly are life changing for the owner’.

You can contact the London gallery on 0203 971 2500 or email london@sworder.co.uk

Home and office visits can be arranged with the team.

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