It’s only one plastic bag.  It’s only one beef burger.  It’s only one shopping trip.  said 7 billion people…

It’s only one plastic bag. It’s only one beef burger. It’s only one shopping trip. said 7 billion people…


As the school #ClimateStrike and youth led Sunrise Movement have become prominent in the public sphere, we publish one young reader’s impassioned plea for climate action. 

My name is Ruby Foyle, I am 11 years old and our earth is quite obviously in severe peril. The question is, do you care enough to just listen for once? Because that’s all we’re asking. I’m talking to the people who hear about climate change and decide that it’s not their concern, the people who refuse to let themselves believe that we are facing a global breakdown, that needs to be acknowledged before time runs out. This does concern you because this isn’t some fictional plot twist in a horror movie; this is real. You don’t have more important things to do because this is happening now and you need to act now. Without you we can’t save our futures. 

I’m scared of the terrifying words people say about what’s happening and how this will affect me and everyone else. How could people with such power negligently take away our futures? How don’t you understand that if our earth breaks down it’s on you? You don’t want to be known as the generation who destroyed our futures; you want to be known as the generation who saved them. 

We are not far away from running out of food and water. The climate breakdown is already resulting in deaths. I don’t know about you, but that scares me quite a lot. Adults always tell us that if we’re scared, we should make a move, that we should do anything we can to make that fear go away. That’s what we’re trying to do; unlike most people, we are using all our power to try to change the disheartening facts.
This isn’t some rumour that will pass after a few months, this is an emergency, an emergency that needs to be dealt with now. 

We are responsible for all of the things that are destroying are futures, all of the things that are putting us in peril, all of the things that are actually ending people’s lives as we speak. Every subject at school has something to do with this, yet it’s not being taught at all. If more people are informed, more people will act, and we need as many people as possible to act. 

Small lifestyle changes aren’t going to make enough of a difference anymore. We need mass change. We can’t succeed by following the rules anymore. The main answer to all of these problems
is telling the truth. We’ve been lied to about almost every one of these issues until now. 

Making a change is a simple concept disguised as an impossible concept.
We have goals that we need to reach; including a reduction of CO2 emissions by at least 50 percent. Our emissions have to stop if we are seeking to stay below 1.5° to 2°C of warming. We have to lower our greenhouse emissions. 

Things are starting to get out of control. Over 200 species are becoming extinct every single day, some that we didn’t even know existed. Step by step, all the environmental issues are linking together to create something that will result in the end of our civilisation as we know it. 

Menacing consequences are already visible. Out of control flooding, droughts, wild fires, habitat loss, extreme weather patterns and other effects of climate change are already threatening our civilisation. We think that we’re the victims here, but no, we are extremely fortunate compared to those who are actually experiencing these horrific previews of what’s soon to come. 

It sounds scary when you put it in perspective, doesn’t it? The choices that you make affect all of this, what you decide can either save or destroy what billions of people have built over millennia, our planet. 

“It’s only one plastic bag”, “It’s only one beef burger”, “It’s only one shopping trip” said 7 billion people… 

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