New day centre in Lambeth for adults with learning disabilities

New day centre in Lambeth for adults with learning disabilities


A new £12m day centre with flats for adults with learning disabilities could be open in Lambeth from November 2020 in Coburg Crescent.

This follows fears “for the future of the project in the current economic climate,” a council  report said.

Building the resource centre was in the Labour administration’s 2018 manifesto.

The new 13 long-term flats and 4 short-term flats are expected to save the council around £623,800 per year while the authority also expects to make money from the cafe and the enhanced shop at the centre, a council report said.

It will include “very specialised health and social care” and mean people with severe disabilities can continue to live on-site, meaning the council will spend less on their placements.

The scheme will have two, two-bed flats for two people with high support needs with a live-in carer.

It will also have two two-bed flats for four people, and one three-bed flat for three people with moderate support needs.

“These service users will generate the greatest amount of savings and reduce the risks associated with providing support for only clients with complex support needs,” the report said.

The scheme will also have two three-bed flats with track hoists and wet rooms.

“Each flat will have their own live in carer and be able to access two floating support workers to help with double handed care. These service users
would attend Coburg Day Centre and staff from the centre could provide additional support at peak times, as they have the skills and will know the clients well,” the report continued.

The responsibility for the management and maintenance of the day centre,
community space (including a café) and short term care accommodation is yet to be decided, the report said.

The scheme is yet to be granted planning permission, but construction is expected to begin from October.

By LDRS reporter Bridie Witton

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