K&C residents encouraged to lead the way this Recycle Week

K&C residents encouraged to lead the way this Recycle Week


As thousands took to the streets on Friday to take part in the Global Climate Strike protests, London Recycles is calling on all Kensington & Chelsea residents to take action this Recycle Week and help protect our environment. New data released by WRAP shows that 62% of Londoners now recycle more than a year ago – but we could be doing more.

Nearly a third of Londoners cite environmental concerns and increased awareness of climate change as the main reason for recycling more household items such as plastic drinks bottles, cleaning, toiletry and shampoo bottles, as well as glass jars and food and drink cans. 

To harness the groundswell of support for climate action across the UK – including the thousands of people that took part in Friday’s climate strike – London Recycles is highlighting the simple but significant environmental difference that Kensington & Chelsea residents can make by recycling more of the right things. For example, recycling one bleach bottle saves enough energy to power a streetlight for 6.5 hours.

During Recycle Week, Western Riverside Waste Authority will roll out outdoor advertising through billboards and digital bus shelters across the four boroughs. Kensington & Chelsea will be using their social media platforms to communicate and encourage residents throughout the week.

To help Kensington & Chelsea residents recycle more effectively, London Recycles has also provided the following tips in partnership with Recycle Now for this year’s Recycle Week:

  1. If it’s plastic and bottle shaped, recycle it – just empty, rinse, crush and replace the lids before recycling, and remember to recycle bleach and detergent bottles
  2. Give it a quick rinse – for pots, tubs and trays, give them a quick rinse before recycling – remember to remove the plastic film
  3. Recycle from the bathroom – toothpaste boxes, toilet roll tubes,  shower gel, soap, shampoo and conditioner bottles can all be recycled: just take the pump dispenser off liquid soap bottles first
  4. One bin is rubbish – it sounds obvious, but if you get a separate recycling bin (or bag, or box – whatever works for you), just for your recycling, which will make your recycling much easier and tidier
  5. If you’re not sure, check – to find out more about recycling in Kensington & Chelsea, enter your postcode here: https://londonrecycles.co.uk/local-recycling

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