Wandsworth announces plans to become carbon neutral


Wandsworth Council leader Cllr Ravi Govindia has laid out his ambition for the council to play its part in tackling climate change. This includes an ambitious plan to make it carbon neutral by 2030 and a zero-emissions council by 2050.

“The threat of climate change to our environment is one that none of us can take lightly,” he said. “It is a threat to our way of life for us and future generations.

“Councils therefore must join the fight to address the drivers of climate change.  We need to do our bit to stop the huge impacts on our environment and begin the process of reversing the damage. This is something I feel passionate about.”

Wandsworth has a strong track record in protecting its local environment and speaking up for communities. Along with Hammersmith & Fulham, it has taken a strong stand against the planned expansion of Heathrow and the harmful effects that would bring.

It has also made strides towards making a differences to the local environment, including reducing waste, encouraging recycling, planting hundreds of trees every year, and making council offices and depots more energy efficient.  

The borough has also seen other environmental initiatives including switching to LED street lighting, promoting electric vehicles, and introducing a huge number of electric charging points around the borough. It is also encouraging residents to join car clubs, with Wandsworth now boasting the highest membership in London.

“We want to see this borough moving in the right direction in the fight against climate change and going forward no area of council life will be left unchallenged,” Cllr Govindia said. “By being creative and practical across all parts of the council we will be working towards the goal of cutting emissions and reversing climate change.

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