Edgar Broughton at the Half Moon Putney

Edgar Broughton at the Half Moon Putney


Edgar Broughton

Half Moon – Putney, London

Wednesday 21 August 2019 8:00 PM

Tickets available £12.50 Advance or £15 Door (tickets available)

Entry Requirements: 18+ after 7pm


His solo, acoustic performance is an emotive, entertaining tour de force containing both old favourites and new songs from the heart. (Half Moon website)

I’m not sure how much I can improve on the excellent preview on the Half Moon website, but Edgar Broughton is a very special talentso I’m going to try. With rumours of a new album rife in the Edgar Broughton community (of which I am very much a member) fans will be looking forward to seeing how Edgar Broughton has evolved since the ground-breaking solo album By Myself. The two new tracks I have heard, Euliaand Belle of Trevelyan, continue a journey that shows Broughton’s ability to be both innovative and accessible within the confines of a singer-songwriter set, as well as his legendary creativity with the Edgar Broughton Band. Edgar Boughton’s website is a useful reference point and contains the promise of a further four completed new songs.


Fans like me love the old favourites like Poppy, Hotel Room, Evening Over Rooftops, Side by Side, Homes Fit For Heroes and of course Green Lights, but it’s the new songs that are most captivating heard first time raw and in the flesh. I can’t wait. This isn’t a who knows whom competition and there is no shame in never having heard of Edgar Broughton. You don’t have to take my word. John Lennon was a big fan and David Bowie was a close friend. Broughton’s voice was perhaps the most obvious weapon in the old days (give or take the purity of the melody amidst the robust hard rock), but he’s a fabulous guitarist and nothing much has changed. If anything that amazing voice seems have developed an extended range and even more natural reverb. Edgar Broughton’s a genius; the Half Moon won’t be hosting a bigger star this side of hell freezing over. Edgar Broughton is proper rock-royalty and you need to be there, please. Look for a large accountant with a big grin hanging around his childhood hero shouting for Green Lights if you want to argue the toss.



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