The Egerton House Hotel Afternoon Tea Review

The Egerton House Hotel Afternoon Tea Review


When the dog you have taken to afternoon tea is gifted with his very own bottle of pawsecco; a non-alcoholic,
grape-free, animal-friendly rosé ‘wine’, you know your expectations are about to be blown out of all proportion. Reggie, the adorable, enthusiastic and inquisitive Toy Poodle found his own station, on arrival. At our table were two doggy water bowls, a blanket and special sitting space, placed strategically at our feet. We took our seats at either side of a round window table that let an encouraging amount of sunlight in, set up in what I can only assume was the likeness of a royal tea table (complete with miniature pots of jams and marmalades and fancy china) Reggie meanwhile, couldn’t contain his excitement.

As we were given our glasses of champagne, Reggie was offered rosé or red pawsecco; and our vegetarian afternoon tea order was put into the kitchen. In the meantime, Reggie was gifted a red neckerchief, with the Egerton House Hotel engraved on the front, which he proudly wore for the inevitable photoshoot later. The managers treated us to the story of Hugo the pug, whose family had brought him in to the hotel for a birthday treat and as the staff brought him his birthday cake (the hotel’s speciality Chicken and Beef meatloaf covered in peanut butter), they all joined in with the family to sing a round of Happy Birthday.

What came next was the highlight of the afternoon, as Reggie’s three-course meal arrived. Three tasteful blue doggy bowls, separated by a three-tiered stand, gave the meal the grandiose illusion it deserved and Reggie’s senses wreaked havoc as he realised what was coming to him. The top bowl contained dog-friendly ice cream; the middle bowl contained peanut butter covered dog biscuits and the bottom contained chicken and beef meatloaf. Never has this little toy poodle eaten so much food in one sitting and when he finally fell into his well-deserved food coma, our own food arrived and brought with it more ravishing delights than we could ever have expected.

Layers and tiers of springtime colours; purples, pinks, greens, reds. Summer berries, parfaits, sandwiches, scones, clotted cream and tiny pots of jams and marmalade. The bite-sized sandwiches were quaint and as full of British simplicity as strawberries and cream with a glass of Pimms at a Wimbledon tennis match on a warm July day. A standard for English afternoon tea, egg mayonnaise (with a light coating of almonds), cream cheese & cucumber, roasted vegetables, guacamole & rocket and cheddar & tomato filled the sandwich centre.

The macaroons; cheekily eaten as an appetiser before we tucked into the sandwiches were bite-sized, jam-filled treats. By the time we got to the scones the food struggle was upon us, we devoured almost the entire selection put before us and melted into our regal armchairs; the flowering tea then appeared. Presented in glass teapots, the flowers, placed in water, opened in front of our eyes and finished off this extravagant, exquisite and exuberant afternoon tea with the cleansing we both very-much needed.

Served from 12pm-6pm daily.
Egerton House Hotel
17-19 Egerton Terrace, London,
SW3 2BX.
T: +44 (0) 207 589 2412
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