Review: Pierre Marcolini’s MeLove Chocolate

Review: Pierre Marcolini’s MeLove Chocolate


Whilst, obviously a lot more high end, well thought out and significantly tastier, these chocolates, launched by Pierre Marcolini as part of his new summer products reminded me of an old-classic, the Tunnocks Teacake. A staple cake/biscuit, used to accompany your multiple cups of tea drunk on a standard British day, combines a gooey, sweet, sticky marshmallowey delight with a crunchy and tasty biscuit base, all covered in smithereens of chocolate.

These chocolates however, took the concept to an entirely new level; adding flavours such as passionfruit, Yuzu (a Japanese citrus fruit), Strawberry, Coffee, Pistachio and Vanilla. Each chocolate is also accompanied by a variety of different nuts, that sit in complimentary alliance with the rest of the treats  components.

Marshmallow and chocolate are the key aspects, but nuts make up the biscuit base, putting a sophisticated and ‘adult’ spin on a chocolate treat that would  otherwise be a childhood favourite. Using flavours that cleanse a pallet; tropical, sour and fruity or rich, dark and creamy, the diverse contents of this chocolate box can be enjoyed by many.

This high-end chocolate brand, describe this product as a cake, regurgitating the age old ‘is the Jaffa Cake a cake or a biscuit?’ Whilst I cannot answer that question, without doubting continuously doubting myself, I would have to say that the ‘MeLove’ cake is in fact chocolate not cake. However, there is certainly room for discussion depending on what your criteria for a desserts is.

A surprisingly pleasant chocolate, with some unusual, yet delicious twists that would make for not only a delicious snack but also a gift or special treat, should the occasion amount itself.

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