Mercedes v Marlboro

Mercedes v Marlboro


A lot has been said about the health consequences of smoking. But if the risk of lung cancer and other respiratory diseases isn’t enough, the financial cost should be more than enough incentive to quit.

Today, around 9.4 million adults in the UK smoke and this is not just hitting them in their lungs. It’s also affecting their bank account. An average pack of king size filter cigarettes costs around £10.70. Over a month this comes to £183.88 and over a year this would be £2,206.61. Over three years that amounts to £6,619.82.

In that length of time you could spend the same amount of money on a new car lease. If you have a look now, you can easily find a number of brand-new cars for less than £183.88 a month.  

For heavy smokers it’s even more staggering. If you can get through an entire 20 pack in a single day you would be spending £325.46 a month for that same king size filter cigarette. Over the same three years you would’ve spent £11,716.50. This means that heavy smokers could lease a BMW or a Mercedes for the same money spent on cigarettes.

Smoking doesn’t just shorten your life. It also eats into your salary in a big way. Visit for more information and support and you could be on your way to getting a brand-new luxury car.

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