Fulham Beach Bar Review

Fulham Beach Bar Review


The sun peeped its fingers and toes round the corner of the clouds for just enough time for us to properly enjoy this venue, before the crippling grey and cold returned, banishing us back inside.

Set on the Thames, the Fulham bar is located right on the waters edge adding to the beachy illusion that the venue prides itself on; complete with sand and beach huts in its huge garden.

Whilst the food was lacklustre and the waiting times for drinks reached half an hour at one point as the staff, the majority of whom I assumed were new, were learning on the job.

The cocktail menu was substantial, covering all the classics; with some of their own twists; all priced reasonably well to match.

The venue however, is definitely the main attraction and as the warmer summer days creep nearer, I have no doubt that this will be the place to be.

Reminiscent of a beach bar; the intentional eccentricity of the decor, also screams Essex glamour, however bizarre this pairing of contrasting aesthetics may seem.

The flamingo wallpaper, spinning disco ball and floral kitsch seating area paired perfectly with the beach huts, swings, long tables and benches that make up the communal seating area that ultimately gives guests Ibiza beach bar vibes.

The venue is equipped with a games area including mini-golf, shuffleboard and table tennis and Jenga can be found sporadically placed around the venue.

Fulham Beach host events and parties; both private and public, such as yoga, bottomless brunch, a beach club Cinema and an Ibiza White party.

Residents of Fulham and the surrounding areas should check this place out; in a city without a coastline, this place offers everything you could want when seeking out a place to catch those rare British rays.

See website for more info and enquiries: https://www.neverlandlondon.com/

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