Number 90 Bar and Restaurant review

Number 90 Bar and Restaurant review


As we sat on the riverside terrace of this Hackney Wick bar, me and my friend though to ourselves this is about as quintessentially Hackney as one can imagine. Inside, the graffiti, plants, ‘female identifying toilets’ and mismatch of wooden tables brought the warehouse-type venue space to life. Whilst I felt like I was back in Berlin, at one of their ‘edgy’ bars- I realised that these venues- overabundant with shabby-chic, rough around the edges, ‘hipster’ appeal are becoming increasingly popular, especially in major cities.

Yet, there was no denying there was a charm to the place and as the night went on and it began to fill up with people, it grew more and more congenial. The low-key DJ in the background played slow, chilled music, as was the theme of the evening, but I imagine the party that was to ensue over the weekend, celebrating number 90’s fifth birthday would not be quite so mellow. The venue fitted in perfectly with the neighbourhood; the huge warehouse communities that dominate the vicinity and arty-types that populate them. Whilst the graffiti that makes up the building’s exterior has an entire tale behind it, the street artist who created it, also intentionally created a bright summery illusion mural for the inside of the bar.

The riverside decking was undeniably the feature of the space, with a see-through roof that protected us from the torrential hail and wind that stormed London on that evening, it was still open enough to bask in the freezing cold sunshine that occasionally poked its head through that spring storm. Sitting on a table, at the back of the deck, felt almost like being on one of the barges that effortlessly floated past us, down this East London part of the river Thames, into the night. The cyclists riding along the other side of the river, chasing ducks and birds towards the trains that surged on along the bridge overhead insighted a vision of an Enid Blyton book. It is truly a spectacular place to sit and watch the world go by, whilst guzzling down a cocktail, beer or entire bottle of (dangerously delicious) Merlot, whilst revelling in chilled pub vibes and there is no doubt that summer will bring even more magic.

The happy, smiley bartender that greeted us, provided exemplary service and a relaxed attitude that welcomed us to the place with open arms. The cocktails themselves showed little pretention and were priced on-par with what I would willingly pay. The menu; your standard British pub grub consisting of burgers and chips with a variety of different toppings, overflowed with vegan friendly options, which is an absolute delight to see. The struggle for good quality pub food is all the more real for the veggies and vegans of the world and the vegan burgers this place sold, were animal-free right down to the mozzarella cheese (that was unnoticeably dairy-free) and beetroot-based buns.

A highly enjoyable evening out, with a weekend late night venue space that could lead to a highly enjoyable night out, this place should definitely be visited. In the summer it will undoubtedly become a number one spot for sunny day-time drinking excursions.

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