FBI accuses wealthy parents and celebrities regarding college entrance bribes

FBI accuses wealthy parents and celebrities regarding college entrance bribes


The U.S. Justice Department announced that they have charged 50 people, including Full House actress, Lori Loughlin, and Desperate Housewives actress, Felicity Huffman, for bribing college and entrance exam officials, on Tuesday March 12

The parents of these students had paid sports coaches to recruit the students on to their teams and others paid exam officials to either change scores on national entrance exams or have individuals take the exams in lieu of the students. Middle man, William Rick Singer, the CEO of a college-admissions business in California, is well known in the testing world and has pleaded guilty to four charges.

“There is a front door which means you get in on your own,” said Singer according to a recording released by prosecutors. “The back door is through institutional advancement, which is ten times as much money. And I’ve created this side door in.”

The scheme was first discovered by the FBI while investigating an unrelated undercover operation about a year ago.

The court released an affidavit painting an ugly picture of the parents committing these crimes to get their children into schools that would never have accepted them otherwise.

U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling has called this the largest-ever college admissions scam. 33 of the people that have been charged are parents and others could be charged as the investigation is still on going.Universities have begun firing or placing on leave some of the accused coaches.




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