EU fines Google for the third year in a row over advertising

EU fines Google for the third year in a row over advertising


The EU has accused Google of abusing its market dominance by restricting other third parties from displaying their search, issuing a billion euro fine on Wednesday 20th March.

Google is known to be a huge web service that dominates over many other search engines over the world and has said they are making changes to give rivals in Europe more visibility. They have started testing a new format that allows users to make comparisons with different shopping sites and they will also begin to ask Android users in Europe which search engine they would prefer to use.

“Google’s rivals, they were unable to grow, and to compete, and as a result of that, website owners had limited options for selling advertising space on those websites, and were forced solely to rely on Google,” said EC commissioner Margrethe Vestager in a media conference.

In response to this, Google has changed some of its contracts by giving them more leeway to display their search ads. Wednesday morning, shares in Google dropped slightly in premarket trade.

The company has been fined a total of €8.2 billion since 2017. The money being collected will be distributed to the member states.

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