Robbery in Chelsea Gallery

Robbery in Chelsea Gallery


A gallery in Chelsea was broken into on Sunday night, with over £20,000 worth of art being taken.

Toad gallery partner Artur Gepchard, arrived to work Monday morning to find the robbers had ‘broken through the glass [door], so the glass piece was on the floor and millions of little pieces of glass were scattered all around.’

Stealing an iMac and a laptop, burglars also took 9 ‘stunning’ ceramic pieces and 1 bronze sculpture, which had huge sentimental and financial value to the gallery’s owner Piers van Til and partners.

Toad gallery, on Langton Street in Chelsea, design furniture and interiors, whilst also exhibiting a gallery focused on ‘transformative quality of contemporary eclecticism and the confluence between art and function’, according to their website.

The borough of Kensington and Chelsea experiences a 100% greater crime rate for incidents related to shoplifting and theft than anywhere else in London.

As funding for the police has dramatically dropped in recent years, London has seen a huge increase in crime and the expensive galleries, shops and boutiques of Kensington and Chelsea have unfortunately become targets.

This latest robbery comes as the most recent in a string of damaging and dangerous thefts in the local area in recent years.

In 2017 a flagship Louis Vuitton store in Sloane Square was robbed in a ‘smash and grab’ for the third time in as many years, with robbers taking £50,000 worth of goods.

Last year, an Yves Saint Laurent shop in Knightsbridge was broken into in a similar manner to Toad and thousands of pound worth of goods were stolen.

Gepchard said of the robbery: ‘They have style the thieves. They picked the really, really beautiful pieces.’

Police have since closed the Toad gallery break-in investigation due to a lack of evidence.


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