Make 5pm your ‘no rush’ hour Choral Evensong at St Paul’s

Make 5pm your ‘no rush’ hour Choral Evensong at St Paul’s


Everyone is welcome to Choral Evensong at St Paul’s. It’s a chance to experience a timeless tradition, to quieten your mind, and feel replenished in the heart of the City.

A moment of peace

A beautiful stream of prayer in music, Choral Evensong gives us a moment to detach from the modern world for a short while, and feel connected to something greater than ourselves in a surprisingly intimate setting. Evensong is one of a number of still points that takes place within the bustle and movement of a busy day.

A living history

It is a rare opportunity in a busy modern London to connect with our shared history through a service that has remained nearly the same in its basics since the day of Elizabeth I, but continues to flower as a living tradition in our cathedrals and parish churches. It’s an unusual thing to encounter words written in 1662 with music that may have been written as recently as 2018 – it manages to be ancient and modern at once.

All are welcome

You are welcome to join us at Choral Evensong whoever you are and whatever you believe. Feel free to come along after work or a busy day in London; there is no need to book or dress up. There are service sheets to guide you through Choral Evensong and there is no entrance charge to join us at a service.

Image copyright Graham Lacdao/St Paul’s Cathedral

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