Elicite – new discovery for the world of wine

Elicite – new discovery for the world of wine


The traditions and complexities of fine wine have moved into the 21st century.

ELICITE is an online platform inspiring a new generation of wine explorers to embark on journeys and immerse themselves in the world of wine. With the use of beautiful educational videos, ELICITE strives to make a passion for wine an integral part of their customers’ lifestyles.

This straightforward online resource masterfully curates the expertise of leading wine experts such as Clement Robert, UK Sommelier of the Year, Ronan Sayburn, Master Sommelier, and Alistair Cooper, Master of Wine, while providing an experiential experience to customers.

With topics spanning from the hidden costs of wine to how to demystify wine labels, a 7-part series, titled The Essentials, provides a solid foundation with their short educational videos. Building off of that foundation, ELICITE offers four levels of mastery—The Explorer, The Connoisseur, The Expert, and The Master. To accompany each level, ELICITE features a hand-picked selection of wines for purchase. Upon purchase of these selections, customers will able to unlock additional exclusive content to enhance their enjoyment and experience as a wine explorer.

ELICITE’s expert wine team is led by Martyn Zemavicius, whose twenty years of experience in the industry helps bolster the company’s credibility and vast knowledge. By providing in-depth information in a convenient, digital way, ELICITE is able to modernize an industry while celebrating its history and complexities.


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