Deer culling raises money for Royal Parks Society

Deer culling raises money for Royal Parks Society


Deer culled in two Richmond parks have, over the past 5 years, accumulated a net worth of £250,000 for the Royal Parks Society.

Twice a year in Richmond and Bushby park, Red and Fallow Deer are culled by park keepers in order to preserve the rest of the population.

Humane culling of the parks deer is a necessity in order to ensure the food supply can sustain the rest of the herd.

A Royal Parks spokeswoman said that without culling: ‘there would also be other welfare issues such as low body fat, malnutrition, high incidence of death from exposure to the cold in winter and a build-up of parasites and disease in deer.’

Luxury game dealer Ben Rigby Game Ltd., has bought all of the culled deer in the past 5 years; selling it as luxury venison meat.

A Freedom of Information request revealed that in Richmond park, the almost 1200 deer that have been culled since 2014 were sold for £188,410.10 and the 479 that were culled in Bushy Park sold for £71,703.97.

The money is reinvested back into caring for the herds and the Royal Parks Society and the Deer Initiative of England and Wales fully endorse humane culling.


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