VQ Euston

VQ Euston


VQ Euston is the sixth of its kind in London, and like its brethren aspires to fulfil a notable  gap in the market by providing late night comfort food for weary (and perhaps slightly  unsteady on their feet) travellers. Whilst Euston isn’t quite the same 24 hour proposition as  the locations its some of VQ’s other locals, there’s certainly enough open late enough to attract some of  the night-time revellers (the fact it’s only 100 meters away from the tube certainly doesn’t hurt). With a tastefully understated modern décor that’s heavy on the dark wood with accents of chrome, it’s striking (and would probably appear even more so after several vodkas) yet manages to avoid tackiness adroitly.

The food is a combination of burgers, some very tasty fish steaks and the oddly ubiquitous chicken and waffle combo (I’m unsure who initially came up with this combo but they deserve to either be commended or institutionalised) alongside an all-day breakfast menu and some skull-poundingly powerful cocktails. We started with a small plate of Breaded Butterfly king Prawns, which were a perfectly tender opener, with the only complaint was how quickly they were finished. Moving onto the mains we were initially overwhelmed by the huge selection of meat on offer, but the 10oz ribeye steak & chunky chips eventually overwhelmed all of its competitors by virtue of the fact that my companion clearly had his eyes on it and I wasn’t going to let him get one over on me. Once I tucked in however it was clear that the right choice had been made; tender and delicious, it might have been a little pricey at £24.95 but the taste showed you where every one of those pounds went. My friend sprang for the Grilled Moroccan Spiced Fillet of Sea Bass [£15.50] which was an unexpectedly complex dish but one that left him more than satisfied. Finally we both closed out on the Warm Chocolate Pudding, which was so sinfully decadent that it felt like just eating it should be illegal.

VQ Euston is a worthy addition to night (and indeed day!) life in Euston, unpretentious. yet memorable, it’s worth a look whatever the time.

Address: Euston Square Hotel, 152-156 N Gower St, London NW1 2LU

Open: 8am-2am

020 3301 1224

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