Mandeville: Transforming lives one hair at a time

Mandeville: Transforming lives one hair at a time


To call Mandeville’s stunning creations ‘wigs’ would be an injustice. “We call them wigs purely for marketing purposes, but that is not what we make. We recreate heads of hair,” explains creative director Robert Frostick. After founding the company in 1969, John and Judy Clifton made it their mission to help people who had experienced hair loss, going above and beyond to research how to create a bespoke head of hair. The result: an ultra-lightweight hair couture that feels, moves and reacts exactly like a natural head of growing hair. Robert Frostick, whose work with Mandeville spans 35 years, manages the company today with directors Jo Pickering and Janet Daly. They continue the Cliftons’ legacy of creating the finest handmade wigs to help transform the lives of men, women and children.

The Fulham-based company recreates extraordinary life-like heads of hair through its unique and intricate process, which sees Mandeville’s talented team of wig makers’ hand-knotting every wig with up to 70,000 natural hairs. Robert followed in his father’s footsteps, taking up a career in hairdressing and soon working his way to the top of London’s elite hairdressing salons. His reputation for creating natural looks and styles led him to work for world-class fashion designers, actors and photographers such as Julie Christie, Bruce Oldfield, David Bailey, Patrick Lichfield, and for Vogue magazine. From alopecia, chemotherapy, thinning hair to scalp traumas, from burns’ injuries to side effects from medication; there are numerous causes of hair loss. The NHS estimates 8 million women experience some form of hair loss in the UK, though the condition also affects men and children.

Understanding the difficulties of hair loss is a crucial part of the process, and creating beautiful wigs is not merely about outward appearances. “It’s about giving clients their confidence back. You want to feel good when you’re going through hair loss,” says Robert Mandeville offers various options for customers. There’s the ready-to-wear collection, consisting of full wigs and half wigs in 10 different colours and fit the vast majority of people. They are cut and styled by professional hairdressers and ideal for those who need a wig quickly. Alternatively, there’s the made-to measure route. “The world truly opens up to you with made-to-measure,” says Robert. These tailor-made heads of hair can be crafted to exact specifications, with clients and designers working together to achieve their ideal vision, colour, density, style and movement. The team makes a template of the client’s head for a perfect fit and Robert describes the foundation, which weighs less than a gram, as a “second skin” The result: Mandeville’s clients come from all around the world and have been returning for over 40 years. Not only masters at recreating personal hair couture, the Mandeville team are artists and counsellors too.

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