The Coptic Christmas Irish Celebration in Lalibela!

The Coptic Christmas Irish Celebration in Lalibela!


Friday 14th – Sat 15th December 2018

Friday Workshops 4-9pm: @Bay 58, Acklam Village, W10 5TY

Sat Workshops 10-3pm: @The Westway Trust, Conference Room, 1 Thorpe Close, W10 5XL

Sat SHOW 3-5pm: The Westbank, 3-5 Thorpe Close, W10 5XL


Kamitan Arts will be running FREE FAMILY Workshops in 6 different artistic disciplines that represent cultures that are rarely highlighted in our RBKC community. Workshops on both days and the show will including Ethiopian Dancing (Dan-kira), Irish Dancing, Contemporary Dance, Rap-Poetry (Poetry4Grenfell), St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Church Choir and Save Debre Tsion St. Mary Ethiopian Orthodox Church Choir, Kate Corkery with Irish Storytelling, Coptic Icon Art, Choreography, a commissioned dance piece including local artists and dance aspirants fusing different cultural dance disciplines, film screenings featuring the fun animation, ‘The Leprechaun’s Christmas Gold’ and even some Ballroom by Shaun Mcenery from Arthur Murray Dance Studios!

To Register:    @KamitanArts

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