University of Arts: Wimbledon College of Art

University of Arts: Wimbledon College of Art


A magnificent kaleidoscope of Artworks in various media, by final year students, formed the ‘Summer Show’ at Wimbledon College this year. Dignitaries were full of praise, prize winners beamed, their friends cheered them wildly and music played loudly as proud parents surveyed the scene with bewilderment!

Exhibits were displayed from the following disciplines; MFA Fine Art, Painting, Print and Time Based Media, Costume Interpretation and Design, Sculpture, Set Design for Screen, Technical Arts and Special Effects and Theatre Design.

David Crowe, President of Chelsea and Wimbledon Colleges, welcomed guests and opened the Prize Giving Ceremony and the following Awards were made: The Mercers’ Prize for Music, Drama and Visual Arts to Rose McGill. The Sculpture Prize to Iman Gay. The space Studio Award to Adam Baker. The Painters’ and Stainers’ Company Prize to Lizzie Delandri. The Project Retreat Prize to Charlie Ratcliffe.  The Studio Award for generosity  was won by David Head and Laurie Hill won the Video Club Prize. Agate Hoffman won the Practical Prize and Ming Ying was shortlisted for the Ashurst  Emerging Artist Prize.

The ‘Live Events’  were both professional and entertaining. Agate Hoffman gave a live painting show called ‘The Dining Room’, Zak Tunda presented a fascinating tattoo show and Antonio Sideras was popular with his show, ‘Will You Be Mime?’

There was a wonderful atmosphere of youthful creativity in the Exhibition Halls and the students were keen to talk to viewers. Here are are some of their thoughts voiced in interviews:

Ming Ying, a previous winner of the Khojaly Peace Prize for Art and also previously shortlisted for the Lynn Painter Stainer Prize, and as well the William Morris Prize said: “…Painting for me is a pure field which deserves total devotion by creators…I think the painting language leaves room for reform…I intend to combine Eastern Philosophy Theories with the Western way of realisation.”

Michelle Bondulich, Final Year Costume Design student from Germany, who grew up in Spain, said: “My work focuses a lot on the relationship between the performer, space and the costume…What inspires me is finding a way to tell the story or character within the garment and movement.   I tend to move away from fabrics and use silicone and fabric that can be dissolved…I spend a lot of time in the casting workshop…”

Laurie Hill, final year student in the Print and Time Based Media Department (PTBM)  said: “It is a really interesting Course because it is so experimental…You can do anything you want…I do a lot of video film making…I write a lot of spoken word pieces and put them through a computer voice, like a ‘siri’ voice online. I paste that on top of the visuals…”

Luc Wilkinson, in his final year on the PTBM course, whose Summer Show piece was played during the evening, said: “…I am creating soundscapes instrumentally. I use a guitar, a little keyboard, a synthesizer, drums and sometimes a vocal. I have 15 effect pedals that process the sound and make it like something from the other end…I do dark ambient soundscapes vaguely inspired by horror tracks…”

Sculpture student Rebecca Brennan, who was homeless at 13, said: “My pieces for the show are based on German wartime sniper tents which were worn as clothes and then could become a tent……….I  am working in concrete so the tents can be permanent shelters…..”

The ‘Summer Show’ at Wimbledon College revealed much talent, enthusiasm and originality. Good Luck to the young artists. They have worked very hard.

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