Young entrepreneur combines style with substance in his latest collaboration with Oxfam

Young entrepreneur combines style with substance in his latest collaboration with Oxfam


At just 14 years old, a young Sacha Jordan Mattey decided to take his passion for design into the real world by setting up his own company that specialised in casual wear clothing. Since then, the St Paul’s student has continued to pursue his interest in design by releasing more clothing each year onto his website,

This year, however, Sacha decided to take on a new challenge. Working at the Chelsea Oxfam Boutique, Sacha was inspired to design something edgy and contemporary for the charity organisation. He subsequently set to work on a limited-edition series of long-sleeve t-shirts, basing the theme for his clothing on possibly the biggest issue facing our planet today: climate change.

Amid all the international furore surrounding climate change, its impact has been undeniable and we have reached a critical juncture. C02 levels in the atmosphere are at their highest level in over three million years, and this will have a detrimental effect on lives of future generations if it is not redressed. Through his t-shirts, Sacha aims to give an artistic representation of the effects of global warming and to help raise awareness for such a pertinent issue. See Sacha’s new climate change design below:

All proceeds will be going towards Oxfam Charity and Sacha’s new t-shirts can be found at his website, available in under two weeks:

On December 7th, Oxfam and Rebuild will also be running a charity concert ‘Celebration of Peace’ in St Peters, Eaton Square, Chelsea. The concert, featuring celebrity readers like Jeremy Paxman, Anita Dobson and Rachel Johnson, aims to support humanitarian efforts in Rojava & Syria. Organised by Oxfam volunteer Anne Cooper, the event promises to be a spectacle for all involved! Tickets can be purchased online at:

A note to all K&C residents: Oxfam are planning to form a local Oxfam Fundraising Group in Kensington & Chelsea. If there are any residents who may be interested in helping out, please contact Ruth Andoh-Baxter at or 07827 956 230.


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