The London Russian Ballet School Gala: An inspirational evening of dance

The London Russian Ballet School Gala: An inspirational evening of dance


It’s not often you watch a ballet school show with stars of the Bolshoi performing too! But then London’s Russian Ballet School is not your average ballet school. A night at the Palladium billed as Romance Revolution brought excitement and some stunning performances to the stage too!

Like many things in life, success in the ballet world comes with hard work, an ambitious streak, combined with an inner focus, belief and confidence in oneself and one’s abilities to be not just brilliant but brilliant for the benefit of others. As a performer you live to perform for an audience. London Russian Ballet School’s (LRBS) Founder and Artistic Director, Evgeny Goremykin, has a good pedigree, with over twenty years professional dance experience with The Bolshoi Ballet. Both Goremykin and LRBS’s Director, Harriet Pickering, stand side by side in the school’s mission to give students the best of the past in order to work for the future.

Not surprisingly there was a mixed ability of students on stage but then it’s important to give everyone an opportunity to perform. Britain’s Margot Fonteyn once said “Everyone has a talent… it’s just that not everyone is fortunate enough to find it!” Her partner on stage for many years at The Royal Ballet, Michael Somes, once said to me “in the ballet world you cannot buy experience you just have to go through it… I’ll be watching you on stage to The London Russian Ballet School Gala an inspirational evening of dance check you took on board my corrections”. Romance Revolution certainly offered performance opportunities for many and some caught the eye as having potential.

The evening had nearly twenty pieces on show… some new… some old… some fabulous and some not so! Like all good galas the last piece before the interval had the audience brimming with excitement and ready for more. Likewise the last piece of the evening was the show stopper. The principals from the Bolshoi all danced with flair, exuberance and stunning technical assurance. In the first half, Ekaterina Krysanova performed Cinque choreographed by Italy’s Mauro Bigonzetti with music by Antonio Vivaldi.

The tutu was, to say the least, unusual and on the risqué side as it was made in leather and designed by Igor Chapurin. Krysanova was in full control of Bigonzetti’s zesty, spicy and sexy moves. Her long legs suited the full on extensions and controlled turns en pointe. This is a fabulous piece and has the wow factor for any gala the world over! The act ended with Maria Alexandrova and Vladislav Lantratov performing the pas de deux and divertissement from Petipa’s Classic Raymonda with music by Glazunov. Alexandrova was on form not missing a balance or a pirouette with port de bras that framed the movements exquisitely. Not to be out done, Lantratov soared through the air with breathtaking double assemblés that few British dancers have in

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