Tim Farron resigns as leader of the Liberal Democrats

Tim Farron resigns as leader of the Liberal Democrats


Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron has announced his resignation a week after the general election, issuing a statement expressing that his faith was ‘incompatible’ with being a party leader.

Farron’s resignation was quick to follow his Home Affair Spokesman Lord Brian Paddick, as he also stepped down with concerns of the leader’s views on gay marriage.

According to The Independent, Former police officer, Lord Paddick, who is also openly gay and a practicing Christian, found it difficult to remain in his position stating he had, “concerns about the leader’s views on various things.”

Although he did not specify which views he was referring to. Tim Farron did fall under heavy scrutiny during the campaign for allegedly refusing to deny or confirm that he considered gay sex to be sinful, writes The Independent. On every occasion Mr. Farron has reportedly said he did not want to get into “theological debates.”

It was in April, when Liberal Democrat leader finally relented and stated in a BBC interview that gay sex is not a sin. His final statement cited, “torn between living as a faithful Christian and serving as a political leader.”

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