Parliament Squared

Parliament Squared


We Brits gave the biggest sigh of relief when the Westminster Circus Act aka as the General Election ended at 10pm on 8th June 2017. Of the many mistakes the PM made during this May-hem was a) to call it and b) to call it late allowing eight weeks of electioneering.

At the start of the election she had a 24 points lead at the end it was down to 3, 4 or 5 depending on which poll you trusted. The minimum time for an election once it is called is three weeks. She misfired, she changed her mind, she failed to cost her manifesto and she insulted OAPs.

As it is she is left marooned on Brexit Island weakened not strengthened by the whole process. I doubt she will step down. But I do expect her to be faced with a vote of no confidence within her parliamentary party possible before recess in July.

It beggared belief given those aged over 60 vote most frequently that Mrs May could tell them on one day that if you were English you would lose your tax free £200 winter fuel allowance but not if you were Scottish. And then on the next, she said keeping the triple lock on the annual increase in their pensions was to be ended.

To add insult to injury they were going to have to pay for what has become known as the “dementia” tax. Given this, how does anyone now think she can now hold the EU’s feet to the fire during the Brexit talks. She blew it.

The winners in this election were Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader and twitter. The losers were BBC News, newspapers and pollsters (again). Corbyn may be some 1960s refusenik and slightly batty but he has endeared himself by being himself. Pity his team was so lack lustre though top marks to Sir Keir Starmer and Barry Gardiner. And as for Diane Abbott she must be counting down – if she could count – to her retirement.

To the answer “And the winner is?” The winner was clearly twitter. Millions of postings, lots of genuinely good discussions (not too much abuse), great polling information and cross referencing and fast information. Both BBC News and Sky News looked old fashioned, slow with the data and following not creating stories. C4 with hardly any budget was the pick. So well done to them.

Across the pond the Trump Circus is in free fall. He has already made America a second rate country on the fly which is some achievement given he has only been in his job six months. Clearly the climate there is for change.

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