May day mayhem to cost £21 million

May day mayhem to cost £21 million


Heavy traffic, combined with poor weather, could wreak havoc on motorists in the UK and cost insurers over £21 million.


Accident Exchange, which published the study, says that the bank holiday weekend is the worst day of the year for motorists. It examined 27,000 accidents between January and December 2016. Friday the 29th of April was the worst day of the year, seeing a rise of over 75% more than the average. It is expected that there will be over 10,500 accidents on April 28th this year, far more than the average of 6,000. The ‘accident doomsday’ saw nearly eight times the number of accidents as the least accident-prone day, the 25th of December.


A combination of factors could be responsible. Spring showers, as well as snow in some parts of the country, and a Northern Rail strike are thought to be the root cause, with the Friday of the May bank holiday being the worst. Repairs cost an average of £2,050, meaning that this could end up costing insurers over £21 million. + Add New Category


“A high volume of motorists rushing onto the roads to take advantage of the long weekend,” Scott Hamilton-Cooper, Director of Operations at Accident Exchange, commented, “and traditionally poor weather conditions means that a spike in accidents comes as little surprise.”

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