London Mayor warns Londoners will not support state visit for Donald Trump until the ban is lifted



Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has warned that Londoners will not support US President Donald Trump’s state visit, due to the Ban on seven Muslim Countries set to last 90 days.

Trump signed an executive order on Friday to suspend refugee arrivals and halt entry for 90 days for travellers from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

Sadiq Khan said Britain must show that it did not endorse the US president’s action.

“That is why we must now rescind the offer of a full state visit for President Trump – until this ban is lifted,” Khan wrote in the Evening Standard. “I don’t believe the people of London will support rolling out the red carpet until this happens. Great friends must warn each other when they are making a mistake.”

Trump’s ban sparked worldwide protests this week with people from the US and across the globe joining in their opposition to the ban. A crowd of US protesters gathered outside JFK, New York’s main international airport to express their outrage towards Trump.

Many Londoners signed a petition calling to cancel Tump’s planned visit to the UK “until the ban is lifted”. The petition gathered more than one million signatures and is now the second-most popular on the government’s website. MPs will discuss it on Tuesday.

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