The First Major Champage House To Launch In Over 40 Years


Champagne PIAFF is believed to be the first major prospective Champagne House to emerge in over forty years. Although some other brands and variants have been launched, this is the first major champagne brand formed since Nicholas Feuillatte in 1972.

The average age of the Top Ten Champagne Houses (by volume) is 148 years old. The emergence of a new French Champagne House is rare.

Le Comité Interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne (CIVC) limits the amount of champagne that can be produced in the Champagne region (a vine can only be planted if one is taken out), and manage the yield, hectare and production level. This maintains the quality, value and cachet of champagne. Champagne, and the commercial activity around it, is one of the most successfully controlled and regulated luxury goods sectors in the global market.

Traditionally dominated by a few large brands that rely on entrenched distribution models, it is a highly profitable sector with minimal direct investment opportunity for those outside the tightly held inner circles.


The demand for sparkling wine in general is growing, and is growing faster than the demand for still wine. Production of sparkling wine has also therefore increased. Many sparkling wine brands are expanding their productions – for example to new territories like the UK – but the production of champagne remains limited to the Champagne region and the methods and licensing controls set in place by the CIVC.

The UK is the largest export market for champagne by volume, whereas the US is the largest by value. Champagne PIAFF has identified the New World as promising the most opportunity for growth.


The business has been in the making for several years, starting off as the brainchild of Laurie Kempster, a South African forensic accountant and winemaker. He created, registered and packaged Champagne PIAFF, and developed a unique business model he and his founding partners believe will revolutionise the champagne world. PIAFF Group Holdings Ltd was formed and registered in the UK in 2016.

He has been joined by a team of founding investors and experts who are tasked with building the brand and taking it global, including British-born Chairman and branding aficionado, Graham Warsop, and COO Victoria Bennett, also British, who heads up operations and marketing.

PIAFF’s champagnes are crafted by its primary producers, the Mansard family, fifth-generation premium champagne makers, based near Epernay.


The Champagne PIAFF business model brings together the traditional assets of a French Champagne House and a unique route-to-market that uses the most modern e-commerce structures.

It is the first Champagne House to have launched since the dawn of the internet, and it is unencumbered by old fashioned thinking and existing restrictive distribution relationships. This means that customers can have a direct, authentic relationship with the brand and its makers, rather than only through distributors and retailers.

A direct-to-consumer chain will allow a “one-tap” order and delivery system directly through an app. Most bottles will be sold in advance before they leave the cellar, using modern, rewards-based crowd funding methods and through memberships. Although the business is currently a start up, it has ambitious growth plans with objectives to reach £9.5 million in revenues (394,000 bottles) within the initial five years and to become a Top Ten Champagne House within ten years.


Champagne PIAFF is opening up the business to investors – until the end of November 2016 investors can buy shares in the business through Code Investing. More information can be found at

Champagne PIAFF was first introduced at the New York Champagne Week in 2015 and was lauded then as “The Champagne House of the Digital Age”. It has been listed in the weekly Glass of Bubbly Top 100 Influencer Champagne Brands leader board throughout 2016, most often in the top ten, despite only having been tested in major markets until now. In November 2016, Champagne PIAFF will once again feature at New York Champagne Week where the brand will officially launch to consumers.

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