Kensington Architecture at Kensington Coffee: Photography by Lucy Elliott 


London-based photographer Lucy Elliott celebrates her newest exhibition Kensington Architecture at Kensington Coffee, 43 Kensington Church St.

Elliott, who is also the editor of The Kensington Magazine, is celebrated in Kensington having lived and worked in the area for the past 16 years.

Elliott’s interest in photography began at school aged 13 when she was presented with an old, heavy Zenith SLR camera. Finding herself enraptured watching a film being developed in the dark room, Elliott was hooked.

Over the following years, she became so obsessed with photography that, at 22, she had to ban herself from taking photos for a year because everything she “looked at was in a camera frame”.

Her current exhibition at Kensington Coffee illustrates the changing cityscape and environment in architectural fashion over the past ten years in Kensington, from airport-like schools to world-renowned museums. Elliott’s photos feature strong angles, lines and abstract forms.

“I have a portfolio of over 100,000 photos so I really could have chosen any theme, but I just love architecture,” explained Elliott.

“Architecture is of relevance to everyone and they can see it changing right before their eyes. Our opinion of certain architectural styles also changes over time; the ‘Lego brick’ architecture being developed today might be of no particular interest right now, but we may learn to love it in the future, like much of Victorian architecture.”

A3 Acrylics, prints of 18 X 12 and prints on foamex board are available to purchase until 27th November at Kensington Coffee, 43 Kensington Church St.

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