Trump hails Brexit during visit to Scotland

Trump hails Brexit during visit to Scotland


Donald Trump, has given Brexit his seal of approval, claiming that it’s “a great thing” that the people of the UK have “taken back their country” in voting to leave the EU. His comments came as he arrived at the Trump Turnberry in Scotland for the reopening of the refurbished Open venue golf resort. Trump added his name to the resort after purchasing it in 2014.

On being asked his take on the referendum, the presumptive Republican nominee The US answered: said: “I think it’s a great thing that’s happened. It’s an amazing vote, very historic.

“People are angry all over the world. They’re angry over borders, they’re angry over people coming into the country and taking over and nobody even knows who they are.

“They’re angry about many, many things in the UK, the US and many other places. This will not be the last.”

Mr Trump said UK divisions “will heal” as “it is a great place”, adding: “I said this was going to happen and I think it is a great thing.

“Basically, they took back their country. That’s a great thing.

“I think we’re doing very well in the United States also, and it is essentially the same thing that is happening in the United States.

When asked his opinion on David Cameron announcing he is to step down as prime minister after the Leave vote, Mr Trump said: “Well, that’s too bad.”

Before Mr Trump arrived, Keir McKechnie, spokesman for Stand Up to Racism Scotland, said: “His message of hate is one that we’ll challenge and we would not encourage anyone to support him in his presidency.

“We want to represent people across the whole of the UK and beyond who reject Trump’s racism and Islamophobia.”

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