Katz’s creative sculpture delights Mayfair


World famous artist, Alex Katz, has brought a flood of summer colour to Mayfair’s Connaught Hotel, presenting his new artwork ‘Chance’ to the public.

The American artist, Katz, is known for pieces such as ‘Red smile’ and ‘Vincent and Tony’, which typify his trademark contrasting colours and Pop art influences. 

Katz has said that he is inspired by various different things including, mid-century American culture, society, film and advertising, he often uses wide brush strokes and block colour which you can see in the painting of his sculptures. His work is known to be ‘surface’ in both the subject and the style.

The sculptures which are part of his ‘cutout series’ have been made by painting porcelain enamel on steel and then mounted onto a steel base. Katz has also framed the three sculptures into a rectangular shape by cropping the edges of the blow up balls in the womens hands, this adds to the stylized impression.

One art historian described them as “an intriguing fusion of painting and sculpture” and as “hieratic, simplified and yet extremely lively, they function as iconic images in which an individual artist style and our concept of the human image mingle.”

‘Chance’ has now been moved to the Timothy Taylor gallery just opposite and is being displayed there until the 3rd of September. There is also a solo show of Katz’s work running at the Serpentine Gallery until 11th September.

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