German regions want €12 billion to integrate refugees


Germany’s Bundesländer regions have advised that they need €12 billion in order to meet the financial strain of taking large numbers of refugees.


Bremen’s mayor, Carsten Sieling, supported the demand, adding that when “we are confronted with an international crisis, the brunt of which is being borne by small communities and towns, the German “federal government cannot just stand by and watch.”

Wolfgang Schäuble, the German Minister of Finance  has already indicated that he is sceptical of the claim.

Sieling wants Angela Merkel and the regional parties to share out more equally the costs of integrating the 1.1 million migrants who have travelled to Germany. In estimates provided by Bavaria and North Rhine-Westfalia the cost of relocating refugees could reach as much as €25 billion this year.

In light of the demands, the German Finance Minister has spoken to colleagues about how to meet the growing costs associated with accepting such large numbers of migrants and refugees as part of Angela Merkel’s open door policy. However, Schäuble has also reportedly said that Berlin would not be tricked by the regions into “just nodding and paying.”