Health warning as Saharan dust cloud over London sparks pollution spike


Holiday makers may not have to travel as far as the Costa Del Sol to reach their obligatory complaint quota about heat and/or sand this year. A dust cloud originating from the Sahara region is likely to hit the South East of England just as temperatures for the region soar higher than those recorded concurrently in either Barcelona or Ibiza.

The pollution, which health officials have classed as being ‘moderate or high’ was caused last Thursday when ‘dust from the Sahara region was lifted up into the Atmosphere’ and transported northwards to the UK’ by ‘southerly winds’

The dust cloud may have undesirable affects on those with heart and lung problems. Health Officials from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs advise asthmatics and those who find their respiration affected by pollution and changes in winter weather to refrain from strenuous activity. Other health tips include checking pollution levels before leaving the house and carrying prescribed medication at all times.

Motorists are warned that the forecast of rain in the next few days may help tame the high temperatures but will also leave a dusty deposit on windscreens and mirrors.


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