Today Fulham, tomorrow the Universe


A Fulham nutritionist has been shortlisted to represent Great Britain in the Miss Universe competition. Ella Davison, 24, is set to enter the national heats in Cardiff where she will face off against 35 other contestants from across the UK.

Originally from County Durham, Ella Davison, moved to London and set up her own nutritionist business only a year after leaving university. Although she has had experience modelling the idea of a pageant is something new to her.

“I have never done anything like this. I am really nervous, all the girls are so gorgeous!” She explained, “I have been watching old pageant shows, learning how to do the pageant catwalks and then there’s the abseiling…”

In the run up to the final, contestants are tasked with fundraising challenges for the competition’s adopted charity Strongbones; an organisation set up to help children with bone disease. Ella chose to abseil down the Arcelormittal Orbit tower next to the London Olympic Stadium.

“Now it’s coming closer to the event, I’m wishing I had just gone for the run. I think I’ll be waiting at the top for a long time!”

The final will be taking place in June with contestants taking place in a three day event with leadership coaches, a celebration dinner with friends and family, and a catwalk show before a panel of judges from the beauty and fashion industries.

The winner of Miss Universe Great Britain will receive an extensive prize package including a wardrobe of designer evening wear from Mac Duggal, pearl jewellery from Orchira, swimwear from Sandstorm as well as a series of international travel opportunities including a holiday in Brazil.

On the prospect of winning, Miss Davison remains humble saying, “I’ve got lots of friends and family coming so I probably won’t go that wild. I’d be shocked if I won, I think I’d just want to be a good role model for others girls who want to give it a go.”

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