The Lucky Pig – Fulham


Last Thursday 13th May marked the opening of a swanky, swinging new bar at the heart of Fulham, The Lucky Pig. Located on the North End Road it’s recreating the glamour of old with classic cocktails and seriously high end nibbles, set to be the host of many a great night.

This is the second location for The Lucky Pig, the first bar has been making waves in Fitzrovia for a while as a well-hidden tucked away bar offering 1920s style decadent nights out for those in the know. The Fulham branch is much easier to spot, opening its doors to a wider range of the public, but is still in keeping with its opulent themes.

The entrance is reminiscent of a scene from the titanic, braces-clad waitresses greet you with a tray of cocktails, as an old school swing band plays in the corner of the room. The bar is set up with art deco style lampshades, in a bright, white and clean environment, it comes to looking like a Mayfair hotel lobby, but manages to sway away from that, keeping a fun and intimate atmosphere.

The cocktails on offer are great, at the launch party Old Fashioneds and Whisky Sours were being handed out left, right and centre, which gains automatic plus points for choosing such tasteful drinks. The Old Fashioned was one of the best I had ever tried and the Whiskey Sour was the real deal, using some good bourbon. There is also some nice bubbly, a selection of wines and other, less manly cocktails to be tried.

We were fortunately not just left alone with a free bar, an array of lovely canapés were brought through the room on trays, soaking up the excessive booze and pre-emptively eliminating the possibility of someone creating a scene. All were served in miniature short crust pastry cups and included the likes of slow roasted lamb and lentils, caviar fillings as well as some chocolate praline treats. This only adds to the roaring 20s luxurious vibe that The Lucky Pig is shooting for. All in all it achieves what it sets out to do, this looks like a joint you can definitely have some great nights in, you’re going to need to dress smart and have some cash to burn but then it wouldn’t be 1920s hedonism if you didn’t.

374 North End Road, Fulham SW6 1LY
Tel: 0207 3851300

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