Yohji Yamamoto Exhibition

Yohji Yamamoto Exhibition


Yohji Yamamoto became internationally renowned as a household name and was iconic within fashion circles in the early eighties. He shaped 1980’s fashion, as we know and remember it. Currently staging an enormous revival, (if you like, or are influenced by the eighties) this exhibition at the V&A on the 1st July is one event not to be missed.

Legendary garments include: Green wool coat 1986/1987; classical from the front, yet gathered at the back. Well ahead of its time. Yellow strapless silk dress & oversized coolie hat, covered with draped silk. The hat is a feat of civil engineering.

The exhibition (30 years after his Paris debut) houses 80 garments, spanning his career to date.

Born in Japan in 1943, he set up his own fashion company in 1972, and, from the beginning, his work was recognised for challenging the conventions of fashion.

Almost a contradiction -asymmetric cuts, seemingly unflattering curves, single seams to shape entire garments – these are the signatures of Yamomoto. He uses traditional Japanese dyeing and embroidery techniques. At the heart of his approach to design, is a deep interest in textiles. “’Fabric”, he said, “is everything.”

Yamamoto was credited as the first designer to use unconventional fabrics such as felt and neoprene. His work is characterised by the frequent and skilful use of black – a colour he describes as “modest and arrogant at the same time”. If ever a colour was used, it was black in the 1980s.

The V&A’s Fashion In Motion: Yohji Yamamoto is held on the 1st July and is a day of free catwalk shows, featuring pieces from men’s and women’s wear to date. The show aims to show fashion as it is intended to be viewed – in movement, and not on static display The show will be modelled by real London couples. The concept echoes the designer’s 1999 menswear show, which was modelled by couples, cast from the streets of Paris.

Fashion in Motion: Yohji Yamamoto.

1st July: 13.00. 15.00. 17.00. 20.00.

Admission Free Booking essential

The static exhibition runs until 10th July 2011 £7 (concessions available) www.vam.ac.uk/collections/fashion

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