The last Car Manufacturer in Kensington


I might be stretching it a bit here, but Bristol Cars are a bit unusual to say the least. For many years their only outlet has been at 368-370 Kensington High Street, just by the junction of Addison Rd and recently they`ve had a bit of trouble.

The vast majority of car manufacturers have seen the sales power of PR and mainstream advertising, but Bristol have always eschewed this route, preferring word of mouth or reputation. Being small and bespoke, this worked for a long time, and there`s quite a roll call of famous drivers (and by default, ambassadors) for the brand from Sir Richard Branson to ex Top Gear presenter Quentin Wilson, but in recent times this strategy has let them down.

Our little known “local” manufacturer is a fascinating case, and I`m much indebted to local car owner Rod MacClancy for his insightful article below, which details a bit of the Companies history and recent travails.

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